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The viewing or usage of the Prémaman website automatically implies the complete acceptance of this clause of exemption of responsibility. Access to information on this website is free, but it implies the knowledge and acceptance of the conditions described below. If you consult the site, it means that you have formally accepted the conditions below. Access to this site by minors is subject to the authority of their parents or legal guardians.

Prémaman reserves the right to modify the general conditions at any moment, and Prémaman invites users to check back regularly for changes.


2.1. Apart from the cost of connecting to the internet, access to this site is free. However, access to certain parts of the site or to certain actions assumes an initial registration process by the user, who must fill out the registration forms provided on the site.

2.2. Prémaman reserves the right to modify, temporarily interrupt, or permanently modify and/or erase all or part of the site without prior notification of the user. Prémaman cannot be held responsible for any results of such actions.

2.3. If the user no longer wishes to be signed up on our site or newsletter, the user has the right to unsubscribe at any moment, following the unsubscribing procedure on-line.


This site is the sole property of Prémaman Ireland, based in Ireland.

Responsible for publication: PREMAMAN Ireland.


Prémaman manages and updates this site in order to give its visitors the most up-to-date information concerning its products, services, and events. The purpose of this site is to inform visitors in optimum fashion. If an error is published, Prémaman does everything possible to correct the error once it is discovered. Prémaman takes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information presented on this website.

The information published on this site is general, and was not created to cater for individual needs, is not necessarily complete or up-to-date, and does not reflect professional advice or recommendations. The advice given on this site needs to be viewed with common sense and must be adapted to the individual needs of the user and/or child.

Prémaman cannot under any circumstances be held accountable if the advice given on the site and followed by the user is not satisfactory.

Prémaman cannot accept any responsibility for damage done in any fashion resulting from advice given on this site.

The content of the site (including the hyperlinks) can be modified, altered, or completed without any forewarning or other communication.

Prémaman declines any responsibility related to computer viruses which might be downloaded during the downloading of one of the elements present on the site.

Prémaman declines all responsibility for inappropriate or fraudulent usage of the information provided by the site.


The creation of a link to the Prémaman website must be communicated to the site administrator, to the address

The link must be made in such a way that a new window opens in the browser, giving only the homepage of the site. Deep linking is prohibited.


The site may contain hyperlinks to other sites which are either related to Prémaman, or completely separate from Prémaman, in which case Prémaman shall not be held responsible in any way for the privacy policy of the independent site to which there is a hyperlink from Prémaman.

The establishment of hyperlinks to one or more sites, including the links in those sites, does not in any way suggest that there is any association, partnership, affiliation, or approval of any kind with and for the institutions proposed by those sites.

As soon as Prémaman is made aware that, on a site recommended by Prémaman there is illegal content, or that the site does not correspond to the purpose of research, the hyperlink shall be removed from the site. Nevertheless, Prémaman takes no responsibility for the content of the website during the period while the hyperlink to that website is offered by Prémaman.


The texts, photos, page settings, lay-out, slogans, illustrations and other elements on the website are protected by copyright law. The logos, images, slogans, and databases are protected. All copying, adaptation, translation, arrangement, use or modification of all or any part of the site, in any form and by any means, is strictly prohibited without the preliminary authorization and written permission of Prémaman.

Site users agree to respect the copyright laws pertaining to Prémaman and third parties. Prémaman reserves the right to take all necessary measures to prevent or put an end to any action that may jeopardize or threaten its copyright without accepting any responsibility for the results of the measures taken.

Prémaman only authorizes the visitor to copy, print, and use the data on the site on the condition that the data is used solely for informational purposes and to the exclusion of any multiplication, distribution, or commercialization.


In accessing the information on the site, the user accepts not to file any complaint against Prémaman regarding the use of data or information placed at his/her disposal on the Prémaman website. Prémaman takes no responsibility in any case of damage done, whatever its nature, be it consequential or accidental.

Likewise, when accessing the information offered by the site, the user accepts to take on all risks inherent in internet usage, including damage done to the computer, to a device or to data by a virus which is transmitted or activated by the site or by the fact that the user views it, and forfeits any entitlement to file complaints against Prémaman.


Prémaman allows users to view the site for personal interest. Without preliminary written authorization by Prémaman, the use of the information presented on the site for sales and commercial purposes are prohibited. Prémaman can at any moment, without any forewarning or compensation, end the user’s rights of usage.

The user agrees to view the information found on this site in accordance with the most recent regulations and the law. In particular, the user agrees not to commit illicit acts on this site which might threaten the rights and interests of third parties and/or could damage, overload, discredit or destroy the site.

Likewise, the user agrees not to commit any act, make any declaration, or act on the site in a manner that could tarnish the name and image of Prémaman and its products.

It is prohibited to send, transmit by electronic mail or by any other means all content which is illegal, injurious, threatening, abusive, harassing, libellous, vulgar, obscene, threatening to the private life of another, hateful, racist or otherwise reprehensible.


Prémaman shall take all the necessary measures to ensure the security of our site,, such as security tests, encryption techniques, secure environments, and all other measures and procedures considered reasonable by the leading authorities on the subject. Certain parts of the site can be reserved and tied to special access requirements. In the event of an attack on the site, computing crime, or any other unauthorized attempt to access all or part of the site, Prémaman shall use all the legal means available, in cooperation with the competent legal and policing authorities, to preserve the integrity of its site.


11.1 Identification of the site and the responsible organisation

Prémaman shall scrupulously respect legislation concerning the protection of personal information. This legislation is available in its totality on the website of the Data Protection Commission.

Our privacy policy applies to Prémaman and its website

11.2 Authorization for anonymous access and acceptance of our privacy policy

You may access our welcome page and view our site without giving us any personal information.

By using our site, you explicitly acknowledge that you accept Prémaman’s privacy policy and that you consent to us collecting and processing the information related to you in accordance with the means and principles described in the aforementioned policy.

11.3 Interactive services of our website

Our website does not allow visitors to communicate amongst themselves or to publish information that would be accessible to other users.

11.4 Cookies

It is possible that while browsing through our site, a "cookie" (a small file sent by an Internet server which is downloaded to the hard drive of your computer, which holds a record of the internet site that was visited and certain other information about that visit only accessible by that website) shall be downloaded onto your hard drive. It should be stated that you can refuse this cookie by altering your browser settings either to be informed about the presence of cookies or to refuse them systematically. This cookie makes browsing our website easier.

11.5 Data collected and the specification of final details

We gather your personal information if you willingly report it to us. We can also gather information about you from other sources (public agencies or private organizations which process your personal information and have the right to pass it on to third parties).

The data that we collect when you sign up on our site is only that necessary for processing your information corresponding to the purpose for which you have revealed it. Sensitive information is neither requested nor collected using other databases. You shall be asked to fill out a form which has certain highlighted fields or fields with asterisks (*) that must be filled out in order for the desired service to be performed, and other fields which are optional. We only need the latter fields to be able to quickly contact you if it becomes necessary or to aid identification of your areas of interest in order to be able to send you corresponding information.

If you give us your mailing address, this indicates that you agree to receive mail from us, or from our partners. If you do not wish to receive such mail, contact us at the address provided in point 11.1 below.

If you give us your phone number, this indicates that you agree to receive telephone calls from us or our partners. If you do not wish to receive such phone calls, please contact us.

If you give us your e-mail address, this indicates that you agree to receive e-mails from us or our partners. If you do not wish to receive such e-mails, please contact us.

The purposes for which we gather your data are listed below, depending on the kind of form that you fill out:

Management of our clients
Carrying out market research;
Managing a request for information;
Sending promotional material adapted to your areas of interest by Prémaman as well as by its partners. To this end, you shall have at any moment the right to refuse to receive all direct marketing material without having to pay a fee or to give explanations for your decision
Either by contacting the contact person mentioned in point 11.1 below;
Or by responding directly to our partner if you do not wish to receive promotional material from that partner;

The current privacy policy cannot limit the rights that Prémaman may hold with regard to all natural persons by virtue of contract or any other legislation.

11.6 Releasing your information to third parties

We may share your personal information with our commercial partners so that they may send you promotional material corresponding to your interests. We can only inform you of the promotional offers of our partners if you have given us your formal agreement. You shall have at any moment the right to refuse to receive any direct marketing material from our partners. We reserve the right to share personal information if requested by a judiciary or administrative authority in accordance with the law.

11.7 Length of storage time of information

The collected information is kept for an indeterminate amount of time, as long as you wish to receive promotional material. Your information shall be destroyed as soon as you request it by contacting us at the address indicated at point 11.1 below.

11.8 Confidentiality and security

Our site and our company follow a policy, rules, and security measures which are intended to protect personal information.

Prémaman shall:
do everything necessary to keep the information up-to-date and to erase data that is incorrect, incomplete, or irrelevant.
ensure that access to personal information by the employees acting under its authority is limited to those who need to have such access in order to carry out their responsibilities and to those who must have access to be able to provide the necessary services.
Inform its employees of the Belgian law, including any pertinent prescription or executed decision, concerning data protection with regard to the processing of personal information;
Make sure that the software used for automatic processing of personal information complies with the terms stated by the Data Protection Commission and that these terms are applied regularly for data processing

If the processing is delegated to a sub-contractor, Prémaman:
Shall reach an agreement with the sub-contractor that the latter shall only act as required by the department responsible for data processing, and shall let the sub-contractor know that it is bound by the same obligations as the department responsible for data processing is held accountable before the law.

11.9 Access to your personal information processed by PREMAMAN.

You may ask us whether we have retained your personal information by sending us a letter to the address provided in point 11.1. We shall ask for a proof of identification (copy of identification card or passport) in order to respect your privacy and not to send your information to a third party. We accept a single request per year per person. Your information that we have retained, or a notice stating that we have no such information, shall be mailed to you at no cost within two months of receiving your request. You have the right to dispute the information we have retained about you, and to erase, correct, modify or complete it.

The newsletters and emails that you receive always mention that you may refuse to receive any more messages and may chose to modify your personal information if necessary.

11.10 Comments on data protection

For all questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at the address provided at point 11.1 below. If our reply is not satisfactory, you may contact the Data Protection Commission, which Prémaman has used as a model. All of the contact information for the Commission can be found on their website.

11.11 Applicable rights

Since your visit to our site implies your agreement with the present document and therefore constitutes an online agreement, you accept that any dispute or action concerning the present site or any information found on the site shall be settled by Irish law. By viewing the site, you acknowledge the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Ireland, and you agree not to file a lawsuit with any other jurisdiction.




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